Datafeed Studio V3.2 Released


V3.2 of Datafeed Studio is now available to download.

This version has several bug fixes (see below for full details) and also introduces a new ‘Auto Products’ feature, initially for the Amazon and Affiliate Window networks.

Note that this release also requires you to register any sites that access your Datafeed Studio installation (e.g. API clients, including sites that use the WordPress plugin) and you will need to register your license from the admin page to agree with the (now spelled out) terms of use.

As clients to your installation must now be registered as sites (from the admin home page) Datafeed Studio can now filter out API access to only trusted clients for increased security.

Auto Products

The new ‘Auto Products’ feature (found in Config->Auto Products) allows you to automatically do a lookup against the supported networks every time Datafeed Studio does a product search and add matching products from their systems into your database, for possible inclusion into the search results presented to the user.

(This replaces the existing ‘Auto Amazon’ feature found in Store Sites and also means that the ‘title’ attribute in a WordPress search is no longer used for the keywords in an Amazon lookup).

The ‘Auto Products’ feature should mean a wider range of merchants are automatically displayed in your price comparison results – and the relevance accuracy should be greatly improved over the old ‘Auto Amazon’ feature).


- increased allowed sites on demo license to 2
- API search screen now displays current number of API products already in database
- added more detail to the apirefresh.log
- added new 'client' site type for restricting API access to designated IP addresses
- added license registration feature
- set max_results for WordPress plugin searchbox result to 50
- fixed country code of automatically generated Affiliate Window merchants
- added 'Auto Products' feature to automatically include matching products from Amazon and Affiliate Window APIs
- added max_results option for Affiliate Window network
- added fix for prices when doing an Apparel category search using the Amazon API
- included resize.js in coolblue pricebox theme to prevent IE/FF JS warnings
- fixed position of 'deep_link' in 'LinkShare CSV Pipe' parser
- added status of PHP system() function to diagnostics.php script
- added more documentation to the API client example
- added gunzip decompression to the default 'LinkShare CSV Pipe' parser (post download script)
- removed redundant post/page creation options from Price Compare site menu
- corrected typo in invalid license message
- fixed bug where an overridden deep link would not redirect to the correct location
- now outputs 404 error code (and monitor email) if the 'Unknown Site' error message is generated
- fixed error in the image URL of the pricebox category/category_flat themes
- made PC Page product links to be "nofollow" in the default template
- added new parser field, 'Clickref Function', for situations where the 'Extra Tracking Value' option isn't suitable for adding a click reference (e.g. WebGains network).
- added an index to the sub_category_id field of the products table to improve performance when displaying subcategories


As usual see the README.txt file for details on upgrading an existing installation.

Note that there’s a few indexes added to the database in the patch file this time around so if you have a large product database this may take longer than usual.

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