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Datafeed Studio v2.1 – The ‘Meep Meep’ Release!

Whilst building my latest affiliate store for console bundles using Datafeed Studio I decided to add some new features to the application. The main new feature is cache support across all the affiliate sites and pages created by Datafeed Studio. By setting the $CACHE_TIME_IN_SECONDS value in the main configuration file you can specify how long […]

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Invasion of the SEO Friendly Slugs

Datafeed Studio now supports SEO friendly URLs for your product categories and products. Previously, Datafeed Studio URLs were pretty ugly : Now, if you enable the SEO_FRIENDLY_URLS option in the configuration (enabled by default) you will get product URLs in the form : Hmm…I suppose that is a slight improvement I hear you […]

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Local Site Styles Now Supported

The current release of Datafeed Studio now supports “local site styles”. Previously a site would get all of its look and feel based on the theme it was associated with, e.g. Indiana Jones Toys is associated with the store theme known as “modern”. However, if you then wanted to make a new store site with […]

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