Datafeed Studio v1.6.3 Released

A bug fix release recommended for all users.

New in v1.6.3

  • fixed “Search results for” string on store default search results page, was missing product term
  • increased security on search queries to prevent possible XSS attacks
  • increased security on admin/bin/patch.php to disallow running from web environment
  • support for tab-separated feeds (parser separator of ‘\t’ without the quotes)
  • disallow index.php?id= URLs being indexed via robots.txt
  • fixed store modern theme, would use value of last product title in the list as the text for the product review heading
  • updated .htaccess to allow existing files to bypass index.php routing

Available to download now.

If you are upgrading remember to backup your templates folder before extracting the new version if you want to retain any custom template changes you may have made.

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