Datafeed Studio v1.6.4 Released

Yep – a new release!

This is a mix of some fairly minor bug fixes and usability improvements on the admin side.

The most useful addition are two new datafeed filters, that allow you to Prepend or Append your own content strings to any field in a feed, e.g. adding your own suffix to an affiliate URL.

  • added two new filters, prepend and append, that can prefix or suffix field data with content of your choice
  • added status message when filters are added / updated
  • fixed a big with the BuyAt stock checker that may have prevented other filters from working
  • added convenient accesskeys for the admin site tabs, based on the numeric position of the tab, e.g. 1 = Home, 2 = Datafeeds, etc.
  • added a test for the presence of the MySQLi extension during installation
  • now dynamically filters site themes based on the type of site selected in New/Edit Site screen
  • if you create a dynamic product category from your search results, any SQL limit clause in the generated SQL query is now automatically removed as it could previously break pagination of dynamic products
  • the products shown on store home pages can now be generated by a single tag, display_home_category(). This will now display manual / dynamic categories (formerly only manual were allowed), or if the store $HOME_CATEGORY is unset, or set to ‘random’, a random selection of products will be displayed from your database.
  • fixed Case 48 – extra spaces in user queries were returning no results
  • fixed Case 24 – if a product name is overridden, it now correctly shows in the “HOT DEAL” text of the Store modern theme


It is available to download from here.

Information for existing Datafeed Studio owners – there are no database changes required for this release.

To upgrade it is recommended to backup your existing installation folder and extract this new version over it. You may then wish to copy back over any custom template modifications you made in previous releases (or simply copy the old “templates” folder completely).

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