Invasion of the SEO Friendly Slugs


Datafeed Studio now supports SEO friendly URLs for your product categories and products.

Previously, Datafeed Studio URLs were pretty ugly :

Now, if you enable the SEO_FRIENDLY_URLS option in the configuration (enabled by default) you will get product URLs in the form :

Hmm…I suppose that is a slight improvement I hear you say, but wouldn’t it be great if I could choose the value of the URL myself.

Well, now you can!

The latest Datafeed Studio release has “slug” support. Every product in your database can now have an unique slug (or path or permalink, call it what you will), so you can finally have URLs of your choosing, e.g.

What’s more, slug support has been added to categories, so instead of :

You now get :

To demonstrate the new URL structure I’ve created a new baby car seat site, check it out to see the new SEO friendly URLs in action.

If you still prefer the non-SEO friendly URLs just set the SEO_FRIENDLY_URLS option to zero (this option can also be set in the site specific configuration files so you can enable/disable it on a per site basis).

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