Local Site Styles Now Supported

The current release of Datafeed Studio now supports “local site styles”.

Previously a site would get all of its look and feel based on the theme it was associated with, e.g. Indiana Jones Toys is associated with the store theme known as “modern”.


However, if you then wanted to make a new store site with a different look you would have to make a complete copy of the theme, e.g. “modern2” and use that for the new site. This method still works, but is a bit tedious if all you want to do is change the font colour and a few other minor presentation changes on your new site.

So the latest release of Datafeed Studio supports local styles. When you register a new site a copy of the main CSS file (style.css) of the theme you have chosen for the new site is automatically created and placed in the site_configs folder. Now instead of using the style.css file in the theme, your site will use the new copy in the site_configs folder, this allows you to do local customisations without changing the main theme.


As an example I have created a new Baby Pushchair site, like the Indiana Jones site mentioned above, this uses the “modern” theme and I didn’t have to create a “modern2” theme to accommodate the presentation changes I wanted to make, they are all controlled by the local CSS file, which can be edited via the new Style link which is now present for store and price compare sites on the admin home screen.

So in summary, if you want to make a new affiliate site with a radically different look, then by all means create a new theme as usual, but if your new site is just a few cosmetic changes to an existing theme, simply make your changes via the Style link.

I hope you all like this new feature – I’m sure it will help you create affiliate sites quicker and easier than the previous solution.

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