New Admin UI, Integrated Help

It might only be a point release, but today’s release of v1.7.1 of Datafeed Studio is quite a major overhaul of the back-end administration UI, improving the usability and look’n’feel of the whole operation.

As well as the swish new UI, there are now integrated help links within the application that replace the need for the user manual (yes, there actually _was_ a user manual. You didn’t read it either, did you?).

The gory details for 1.7.1 :

  • improved usability and look and feel of admin site
  • default CSS for the store modern theme now uses a more neutral blue style rather than the old ‘Indiana Jones’ style brown
  • integrated help system into the admin site, the old HTML manual is now deprecated
  • fixed bug displaying content pages in side-menu using IE

Download it from here or click here to take it for a test drive.

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